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Story of Mamina

About Mamina Handmade

Mamina Handmade was founded in 2014 and is independently run by Cleveland based designer, Maria Ianiro.  She is the face behind the brand as well as the designer, maker, creator and enthusiast of all things cozy.  MH prides itself in designing made-to-order stylish, yet functional, knit and crochet accessories for those cool weather days. Maria is involved in every step of the highly personal, hands-on process. Each piece is hand knit and hand worked at her in-home studio which gives each product a personalized touch.

The name “Mamina” is inspired by Maria’s mother who taught her the fundamentals of knitting and crocheting.  From the moment Maria and her brothers could talk, they called their mother Mamina which means Momma in Italian. The name holds a special meaning, to not only Maria but her friends and family, and is a way of weaving in their Italian heritage to such a special brand.

Maria’s Story Behind Mamina Handmade Knitwear

In late Fall of 2012, I was seeking a therapeutic outlet to escape from a broken heart. I turned to knitting and a month later everyone I knew received knit beanies … everyone! Not only did I pick up quickly to the craft, I fell in love and quite possibly obsessed.

In less than a year, I opened an Etsy shop and participated in my first flea market. I was overwhelmed with the positive responses to my knitwear and felt so humbled by the experience. I wanted to continue to spread my love of my knitwear so I carefully selected an array of stockists from Cleveland to Columbus. Today, I continue to expand my market and create new pieces each Season for all to enjoy.

My work involves both knitting and crocheting, and each piece I make is full of meaning, love, and attention to detail. There is always a rush of excitement when working on something new. With being self-taught, I never truly know what the end result will be. I create this vision of what I think it will look like and I can not stop until the piece is complete. I attach a “made with love” charm into each finished piece. Some of you find it quickly and some will discover it seasons later. I also sew on a “Mamina Handmade” label to each piece which coupled
with my craftsmanship, makes it authentic and unique. I have so much respect for the process of hand knit pieces not just the finished product.

I would have never imagined that I would quit my day job to start a business of my own. This has been journey that I am so proud of that I would not change a thing. I hope that the love and care that is knit into each piece will be enjoyed by you and your family for years to come.

Stay Warm. Live cozy